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Cleaning of metal parts

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The cleaning of metal parts during mechanical processing is to remove various pollutants generated during the use, production and storage of mechanical equipment by physical and chemical means, and obtain a certain degree of cleanliness, thereby improving the appearance quality and performance of the products. Reliability and meeting the requirements of the next processing step. Cleaning operations are an important part of the machining process.

Foreign countries regard the cleanliness of parts as the lifeline of products, and put forward the idea of “cleaning, cleaning and cleaning”. There are corresponding technical standards for the cleanliness standards of products and the corresponding testing and evaluation methods. Not only the end of the production line is cleaned, but also between the process and the process. At this point, domestic related companies have also established technical systems in this regard. In the military industry, this system is more complete and stricter.

(1) Major pollutants in the mechanical processing of metal parts

1) Water-soluble pollutants: dust, hand sweat and fingerprint on the surface of the workpiece during processing, storage and transportation; inorganic salts, high molecular polymers, polyols, soluble emulsifiers, etc. after evaporation of the metalworking fluid.

2) Saponifiable oily contaminants: Lubricating materials used in metal cutting and forming processes contain a large amount of animal and vegetable oils or modified products. Such animal and vegetable oils and fats are a mixture of various esters composed of fatty acids and glycerin, and are soluble in various organic solvents. At the same time, such oils can be saponified with alkali.

3) Non-saponifiable oily contaminants: cutting oils, forming lubricants, polishing pastes (wax), anti-rust greases, quenching oils, etc. used in metal processing, containing a large amount of mineral oil, various waxes, high molecular polymers, oily Additives and sintered dirt. During the processing, the oil used in the rail oil and hydraulic oil leaked by the machine tool will also pollute the workpiece.

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