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Laser Additive Manufacturing Technology for Metal Parts and Its Application

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Laser additive manufacturing technology is a new manufacturing technology based on discrete/stacking forming ideas. It is an advanced product research and development technology developed by integrating the latest technologies such as computer, numerical control, laser and new materials. The basic process is to divide the 3D model into a series of ordered 2D layers along a certain direction; according to the contour information of each layer, process planning, select processing parameters, and automatically generate NC code; the forming machine manufactures a series of layers and automatically passes Laser welding, sintering, deposition, etc. join them to obtain a three-dimensional physical entity. This discretes the complex three-dimensional processing of a physical entity into a series of layers, which greatly reduces the processing difficulty, and the difficulty of the forming process is independent of the complexity of the physical shape and structure of the physical body to be formed. The main features of the technology are: high flexibility, can create three-dimensional solids of any complex shape; CAD model is directly driven, design and manufacturing is highly integrated; no special fixtures or tools are needed for the forming process; no human intervention or less intervention is required An automated forming process; rapid response to the entire process of forming, suitable for the modern and intense product market.

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