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Yuexian Hydraulic

      Qingdao SanWang Metal Co Ltd HuaShan Plant ( The Original YueXian Hydraulic Machinery Co Ltd) was put into production in 2016, with the continuous expansion of scale, which now equipmented with 90 CNC machine tools via automatic feeding, 23 CNC machining equipment for mechanical hand, 10 thread rolling machines, and washer installation machine, O-Ring installation machine, nut-crimping machine ,also 5 packing production lines

      The company set with quality measuring room  which keeps with advancementive measuring equipment such as three cordinate, contour meter and image detector to ensure superior quality products. The new image of the new factory is also a new starting

      point, but our commitment to quality and customer responsibility is consistent.We will, as always, abide by the commitment to customers, constantly improve quality, production management system, will provide better products, better delivery time, better services to customers

      In order to better serve customers, the company is constantly increasing investment, not only adding equipment, improving technology and management level, but also introducing ERP management system.We will optimize the business process and improve the core competitiveness of the company.We believe that we will be able to meet customers' demands and fulfill their commitments without paying them.

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