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Spraying process and special application of coating on the surface of metal parts

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Metal spraying process:

Pretreatment→spraying→drying pretreatment makes the coating film strong in adhesion, not easy to fall off, and has a long service life. The surface of the part must be pretreated before spraying. Different metal material parts are treated differently. The steel parts are mainly degreased, derusted, phosphatized, etc., commonly used in the decontamination and degreasing of liquid clearing liquid, mechanical or chemical derusting, phosphating is to immerse parts in acid dilution (density 1 ~ 1.1, pH =1 to 3), the reaction will occur at the interface between the two. A dense phosphating film is formed on the surface of the part to improve the adhesion and rust resistance of the film. Aluminum and its alloy parts are mainly degreased and deoxidized film treatment. The degreasing method is the same as that of steel. The oxide film is removed by pickling, and then the chemical conversion treatment is used to form the conversion film. If the surface requirements of the parts are not high, it may not be carried out. Conversion processing. The spraying process and method are different depending on the type, performance and curing conditions of the coating. There are dozens of coatings such as grease coating, natural resin, epoxy resin and phenolic resin, which can be selected according to the actual situation. There are many methods for spraying, such as manual, automatic, electrostatic, electrophoresis, etc., which can be selected according to part batch size, shape size and existing equipment. Drying is to make the coating excellent in performance, hard and wear-resistant, and must be used after it is sufficiently dried. The coating is dried by physical drying and chemical drying according to the nature of the coating itself. Physical drying refers to solvent evaporation and melt solidification drying; chemical dryness refers to oxidation, thermal polymerization, catalytic polymerization, radiation polymerization drying. Users can choose based on part shape, size, batch size and equipment. In practice, it is fast drying, and solvent evaporation coatings or heat curing coatings are often used, and the ideal effect can be achieved by natural drying or simple drying process.

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