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Incremental composite manufacturing technology for metal parts

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Incremental manufacturing technology is unique in the manufacture of high-performance parts with complex shapes. It is expected to lead the third industrial revolution. It is now developing directly into the manufacturing of high-performance, high-performance materials and complex parts, which will have a profound impact on the manufacturing industry. Impact. Among them, the wide range of demand for incremental manufacturing of metal parts is also one of its most important development directions. This technology can not only complete the rapid manufacturing of difficult-to-machine complex metal parts, but also realize the rapid forming of gradient functional material parts according to the working conditions and special performance requirements of different parts of the parts, so it is at the cutting edge of aerospace, defense, energy and transportation. Pillar areas have important application prospects.

However, the existing free-increment manufacturing technology of high-energy beam metal parts has a bottleneck problem of low forming efficiency, high cost, insufficient forming precision and performance reliability. To overcome the above technical bottlenecks, it is necessary to study and find new composite manufacturing technologies that can maintain the advantages of incremental manufacturing technology and absorb the advantages of traditional technologies, and open up new paths for difficult-to-machine complex parts with high structural performance and functionally graded material parts.

In this paper, the characteristics and research status of arc-laser hybrid heat source manufacturing, fusion-milling composite manufacturing, and fusion-micro-rolling composite manufacturing technology have been expounded.

Research Status of Arc-Laser Composite Direct Manufacturing Technology

Arc-laser hybrid welding technology [7] is a new welding forming technology that integrates arc and laser beam. It can compensate for the shortage of single heat source welding. It has large welding penetration, good process stability, fast welding speed and deformation. Small, gap bridging ability and other advantages.

In terms of incremental manufacturing, Zhang Haiou of Huazhong University of Science and Technology carried out research on the shape and shape of the arc column of plasma laser composite direct forming, and analyzed the plasma arc shape such as the average power, pulse width, pulse frequency and composite angle of the laser. The influence law of the forming characteristics of the superalloy has a significant effect on the plasma arc shape and can improve the direct forming precision.

However, the interaction mechanism between laser-plasma arc related to this technology, online monitoring, and equipment integrated control system have yet to be further studied.

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